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It was love at first sight, the camera and you.
The skyline was paint, the mountains were false,
But the magic was true.
Life gets filmed and there you are.
Once a star, always a star.
And still it goes on, that timeless embrace.
The intimate dance of a camera lens and a beautiful face.
Love they say can't last forever,
But that bright shine, you have it still.
You made your dreams mine and you always will.
Once a star, wherever you are...
Always a star. . .

- from the 1986 Academy Awards MGM tribute


bullet1943        Girl Crazy, Best Foot Forward, Thousands Cheer
bullet1944        Meet the People, Two Girls and a Sailor, Music for Millions
bullet1945        Her Highness and the Bellboy, The Sailor Takes a Wife
bullet1946        Two Sisters From Boston, The Secret Heart, Till the Clouds Roll By
bullet1947        Good News, High Barbaree
bullet1948        The Bride Goes Wild, Words and Music, The Three Musketeers
bullet1949        Little Women, The Stratton Story
bullet1950        The Reformer and the Redhead, Right Cross
bullet1951        Too Young to Kiss
bullet1952        The Girl in White
bullet1953        Remains to Be Seen, Battle Circus
bullet1954        Executive Suite, The Glenn Miller Story, Woman's World
bullet1955        Strategic Air Command, The McConnell Story, The Shrike
bullet1956        The Opposite Sex, You Can't Run Away From It
bullet1957        My Man Godfrey, Interlude
bullet1959        Stranger in My Arms
bullet1972        They Only Kill Their Masters
bullet1994        That's Entertainment III



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